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Registering a team with LAWS? 
FAQs about being a team manager:

As team manager, you also serve on the Board of Directors. 
Please visit our Documents page to review the Bylaws and learn more about your role and responsibilities.

Q: I'm thinking about registering a team with LAWS.  What do I do?
A: E-mailing is the first step. From there we will make sure you talk with the right people to answer any questions you might have.

Q: How do I sign up a team?
A: You will need to register your team online and you must attend the Board of Directors meeting.  Be sure to appoint yourself as the manager, as all pertinent emails will go to managers and assistant managers.  It is required that there be a second contact for the team.  This person is considered the assistant manager.

Q: What is the Board of Directors meeting and when is it held?
A: All managers serve on the Board of Directors.  Information on the rights and responsibilities of managers can be found in our bylaws, in the Documents section under Operational Information.  The meeting is usually a couple of weeks before each season begins.

Q: Do I need to do anything before the managers meeting?
A: You must have 7 players registered and paid before the meeting; 5 players for 40+ or summer teams.

Q: Are ref fees paid separate or included the individual fee?
A: Ref fees are included in the individual fee.

Q: How are referee fees paid?
A: At the managers meeting, managers will receive a check that will cover the entire season of ref fees. It is the manager’s responsibility to bring the exact payment amount of cash to every game.

Q: When are games played?
A: We have 3 seasons: Spring, Summer & Fall. Spring and fall games occur on Sundays.  Summer games are typically on Wednesday evening.

Q: Where are games played?
A:  Hope Sports Complex, Aurelius Rd., Lansing

Q: There are different field sizes at Kenneth Hope; what size fields are used?
A: For spring and fall, open and 30+ play 11v11. For 40+ and all divisions in the summer, we play 7v7.