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Lansing Area Women’s Soccer (LAWS) was formed in 1984 and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1985. We were formed to give women of all ages and skill levels a place to play soccer once they are out of high school. Today, over 200 women participate in our league from April through October. Some of the women played soccer while growing up; other women started playing as adults. Many women play to feed their competitive spirit while just as many play for social interaction and physical activity. Regardless of their ability, history or motivation, all women can find a place to play, challenge themselves and form meaningful relationships with like-minded women.

LAWS is run by a group of volunteers who serve its members on the Executive Board with the help of the Board of Directors. Executive Board members are elected by vote and serve for a 2-year term. The Board of Directors is comprised of the team managers to represent their players and help make decisions for the league. The league employs a contracted administrator who helps with business operations and correspondence.

LAWS members and officials are governed by our bylaws. The bylaws have guided LAWS since the beginning but are updated as needed and approved by vote of the entire membership. You can find these in the Documents menu under the Operational Information folder. Also in this folder are the policies which contain specific directives for our seasons and games. These are updated annually.

The mission of LAWS is to encourage the advancement of women’s soccer within the Greater Lansing area and beyond by demonstrating the true spirit of soccer through competitive, fun and fair play. In order to do this, we offer three different divisions for a various ages. Please see our Divisions page for further information.

Please take a look around our website. If you have any questions or are interested in playing with LAWS, email us at